Medical Innovation In Cancer
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Cancer Patient

Medical Innovation In Cancer

The fight against cancer intensified quite a long while ago, and researchers have been ever since striving to come up with faster, better and more effective cancer treatments. The good news is that they have been pretty successful and have achieved quite a lot of breakthroughs when it comes to innovation in cancer care and treatment. Let’s run you through the recent developments:

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Precision treatment:
No longer is cancer care generic in nature. Merely curing the patient is no longer the goal – curing the patient with the perfect medicines and procedures that are entirely in sync with the patient’s medical history, current lifestyle, genetics, diet and a host of other factors. Precision treatment is the best, as it overcomes the cons of generic therapy, which is, of course, useful – but not as much and quicker as the general treatment.

Artificial intelligence in cancer care:
Microsoft has been working on artificial intelligence and machine-based cancer care laboratory. It is expected to be completed within a decade and will then be sure to serve cancer patients all around the world. Artificial intelligence, combined with the efforts of the researcher’s knowledge and experience will then be used to chart out cancer treatments.

Intraoperative radiation for breast cancer:
Why opt for full breast radiation, that too in multiple sittings when you can opt for intra-operative radiation? This newest technology allows you to finish off your chemo session in one session itself. This is a surgery oriented treatment; wherein, the patient is treated and given chemoradiation during the surgery itself. It is instrumental in the primary stage of breast cancer.


Instead of fighting the ever elusive cancer cells, which adapt in every surrounding and are hard to detect, this therapy works on improvising the body’s immunity against cancer. The only defense mechanism against cancer is the body’s own immunity, and this is precisely what is being capitalized on in this therapy. Strengthen the immunity, make it stronger to tackle the cancer cells in all their forms and finally get rid of cancer entirely. And this therapy has seen a pretty high success rate too.

Gene mutations:
How about taking out cancer-causing elements from your genes itself? Gene mutation work towards doing this! If cancer cells are found in the DNA after genetic testing, these cancer-causing agents are muted right away to increase or rather, eliminate your risk against cancer. This therapy too has been quite effective in cancer care too.

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