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Breast Cancer Symptoms And Signs

Breast cancer is not usually recognizable through mammography screening or any other form of technological screening. This is because mammography screening has become a very commonly used form of diagnosis. Majority of women do not even show major signs and symptoms after diagnosis. It can also happen that sometimes the signs observed are for another completely different disease.

Breast Cancer

Some of the early warning signs for breast cancer are-

  • A change in the feel or look of your breasts
  • A change in the feel or look of your nipples
  • Unusual nipple discharge.

The different things you can notice in the change or look of your breast are-

  • When you are feeling you’re breasts, if you feel lumps or hard knots or some form of unusual thickening inside the breast or the underarm area near your breast,
  • The breast looking swollen, warmth, redness or the darkening of the breast.
  • Sudden change in the sizes of your breasts or extremely uneven sizes.
  • Puckering or dimpling of the skin around or on your breast area.

The different things you can notice in the change or look of your nipples are-

  • Scaly sore, itchy or a rash sort of thing on or around the nipple.
  • A pulling feeling in the nipples of any other parts of the breast.
  • Unusual discharge from the nipple which starts suddenly and occurs in random incidents.
  • Chilling sudden pain in the nipple or any other part of the breast.

In most of the incidents observed by women, these symptoms can also result in some other disease or problem the breast, such as benign breast conditions or breast pains. But it is always safe to diagnose the problem as the early breast cancer is diagnosed the higher are the chances of cure and the lower the side effects of the treatment.


Lumpiness or lumps in the breasts.

Breast tissues naturally are grown with a lumpy structure. Some women’s breasts are lumpier than others and this. To differentiate the natural bumpiness from bumpiness cause by cancer, see if both your breasts have the same feel and check if the bumpiness has suddenly occurred and you did not have it since a long time. Lumps or bumpiness that are hard and unusual are a sign of breast cancer.

Nipple discharge

A bloody or clear liquid leaking from the nipple suddenly, out of nowhere can be a serious sign of breast cancer. A little discharge can be your body’s natural reaction to pinching your nipple hard. If there is discharge without squeezing or occurs only in one breast is a dangerous sign. If there is milky discharge it is usually not a sign to worry about as it is a natural form of discharge.