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Give the Gift of Life

Give the Gift of Life

Capital Breast Care Center’s mission is to provide comprehensive, culturally appropriate breast cancer screening services and to promote health and wellness to women in the DC metropolitan area, regardless of their ability to pay.


The Center, also known as CBCC, not only offers state-of-the-art care, but its professional and compassionate staff are as skilled at listening to their patients as they are in providing clinical breast exams and mammograms.


A visit to CBCC is worlds apart from a visit to a traditional medical office or clinic. Each visit consists of comprehensive breast cancer risk assessment, health education, health assessment and family history. Promoting breast health and overall health and wellness are not mutually exclusive. This is even more so for our patients who are low income, uninsured or underinsured.


More than 60% of CBCC’s patients possess no insurance and 25% participate in Medicaid programs. You can support CBCC by choosing to obtain your clinical breast exam, especially if you are under age 40, or mammogram at CBCC.


Why this matters


  • More insured patients coming to the Center equates to more funds to cover the costs of breast care services for more uninsured women, notably the clinical breast exam (CBE) and vital patient education.
  • An insured patient’s insurance company reimburses CBCC for the time and breast health services and screening at a rate of 20-30%.
  • For one uninsured patient, a screening mammogram costs $300 on average, plus the time charged for a clinical breast exam, health education and detailed family history.
  • Every insured patient’s appointment enables CBCC an insurance reimbursement, which is more funding to cover the costs for services for the uninsured when they come to the Center.


How You Can Give the Gift of Life


Make the decision to get a mammogram and clinical breast exam at CBCC, this will protect your own breast health and enable a woman without insurance the chance to protect hers as well.